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JK_FoodforThought.gif (47056 bytes)
14" H


Food for Thought  

Those who learn to stick to task,
Look for answers, questions - ask.
Who set their goals and persevere,
Will find success is crystal clear.

JK_MagicalMessage_2.gif (30567 bytes)
12" H


Magical Message  

A magical message is sent through a kiss,
Righting this wrong, of a feeling amiss.
Or drying an eye, when a heart has been broken,
Its tidings are sweet, words needn't be spoken.

Fairy Godmother Collection

JK_Guidance.gif (48237 bytes)
12.5" H



Guiding an angel takes patience and praise.
Grant her forgiveness, whenever she strays.
Set the example your angel will mold,
'Cause sweet little angels will someday grow old.

JK_Kindness.gif (44688 bytes)
12.5" H



Time given freely, no thought for oneself,
A goodness and caring, a gift in itself.
Soft words that encourage and brighten each day,
Enhances the kindness that is given away.

JK_Love.gif (44974 bytes)
12.5" H



Love is not love, 'til you give it away,
Or so it's been said, a famous cliche.
So I give you my love, and know in return,
The love you give back, is the love I have earned.

JK_Faith.gif (43414 bytes)
12.5" H



Fulfillment, in its time and place,
Assumes a certain kind of grace.
With faith, pursue your sweetest dream,
Inspired and with self-esteem.

JK_Friendship.gif (48376 bytes)
12.5" H



Friendship needs no studied phrases, 
Compliments or lavish praises.
Friendship from the very start,
Will speak the language of the heart.

JK_Serenity.gif (116154 bytes)
12.5" H



The sense of peace which we possess,
Will guide us to a happiness,
Endorsed with calm tranquility,
To live our life in serenity.

JK_GrandeDame.gif (51397 bytes)
24" H


Fairy Godmother Grande Dame  

A miracle could happen by an angel in disguise,
Appearing out of nowhere, an unparalleled surprise.
She'll set a path to follow, her doors are opened wide,
Fulfilling dreams sought after and replacing pain with pride.

She takes the guise of friendship or veils herself in faith,
With shrouds of
love or kindness, serenity and grace.
She holds a key to
guidance, examples you can mould,
She speaks the language of her heart, the essence of her soul.

Her gift is waiting for you, endorsed in harmony,
With peace and inspiration, serene tranquility.
So if you look a little closer, if you open up your eyes,
Your miracle will happen, by an angel in disguise.

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