~ Santa's Wonderland ~

Santa's Wonderland scene

Santa's Wonderland scene

Not all available stock items from our Lemax Village Collection range are shown here
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Pictures are not to scale - figurines are generally about 4-5cm high
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PLEASE NOTE : Santa's Wonderland houses have been retired by Lemax for some time now, but we still have a few Santa's Wonderland figurines (approx. 4-5cm high).

PLEASE NOTE : We also stock a large range of general trees, figurines and other Lemax accessories.


(set of 3)
Christmas Cookies

Musicians - 02445

Christmas Cookies - 62220

02445 62220
$8.50 $10.50

Santa's New Suit Reindeer Crossing Signs

Santa's New Suit - 62221

Reindeer Crossing Sign - 64460

62221 64460
$10.50 $4.95

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