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Arriving in store end-August (prices TO BE ADVISED)  ** Pre-order NOW by phone or email **

At The Christmas Shop, we continually add more pieces
to our Lemax Village Collection range.

Here are just some of the exciting items we've included
in the Lemax Village products for this year ~

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Caddington Village


Harvest Crossing

Plymouth Corners

Vail Village


Special Items



Please go to our Lemax page for older village items 

Prices shown here are subject to change without notice
Not all available stock items are shown here & pictures are not to scale

Lighted houses are made in porcelain and are generally about 20cm high
Figurines are made from poly-resin and are 4 - 5cm high
Trees are available in heights from approximately 5cm to 40cm

Please also check our Lemax PRICELIST for complete list
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Hot Cocoa Stand Lamplighter Countdown

13906 53213
$46.50 $39.50

The Gingerbread Man
(set of 3)
The Duchess Arrives
(set of 2)

63278 73309
$49.50 $65.00

Multi-Colour Fireworks
Firework Soundbox
(AC adaptable)

74256 74278
$40.00 $TBA.00

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Morning Dew Tree
(Medium - 9in)
Morning Dew Tree
(Small - 6.5in)
Christmas Bristle Tree

74250 74251 74251
$27.95 $19.95 $17.95

Snowy Layered Tree
Glittering Pine Tree
(Medium - 6.5in)
Glittering Pine Tree
(Large - 9.5in)

74253 74257 74258
$13.95 $13.95 $18.95

Spruce Tree
(Medium - 6.5in)
Spruce Tree
(Large - 9in)

74259 74260
$11.95 $14.95

White Pine Tree
(Medium - 6in)
White Pine Tree
(Large - 10in)

74261 74262
$13.95 $18.95

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