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Wilson & Sons Bookstore / Actors' Studio - 55264The hobby of miniature village collecting continues to grow rapidly and has extended far beyond the Christmas season to become a ‘year round’ passion.

After nearly 20 years, Lemax is at the forefront of the rapidly expanding phenomenon of lighted villages, providing collectors from around the globe with an affordable way to create special memories, fun and fulfilment in decorating their homes with their own Lemax Village.

The Christmas Shop selection of enchanting lighted houses, figurines and accessories is now more exciting than ever. We’ve also extended our range of landscaping and battery-operated items which have become so important to collectors.

Choose from the mystical wonder and glitter of Santa’s Wonderland, the olde world charm of Caddington Village, the rustic appeal of Harvest Crossing, retreat to a skier’s paradise in Vail Village or give your home a nautical feel with Plymouth Corners.
Spooky Town is loads of fun for Halloween lovers.

Immerse yourself in these tiny towns and you will see Christmas once again through the eyes of a child. With the help of Lemax and The Christmas Shop, and your own imagination, discover the magic as your little town comes to life.

RETIRED PIECES:  If you are lucky enough to own any of these pieces, hold on to them as they become sought-after items and are therefore more valuable once retired.  Some of these items may still be available from our store, so please feel free to contact us.


Lemax products are safely powered by low-voltage adaptors (transformers) or batteries.   Lighted houses use transformers with an output of 12VAC and bulbs rated at 12V 3W.  Other products have different operating voltages - it is therefore essential that only the adaptor provided with (or intended for) that particular item is used.

12 Days of Christmas Shop - 65378   How beautiful, set of 5 - 62315   21pce bristle pine tree set - 34968
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Lighted houses are made in porcelain and are generally about 20cm high
Figurines are made from poly-resin and are 4 - 5cm high
Trees are available in heights from approximately 5cm to 40cm

Exciting Lemax Village Collection items arriving in-store now !!!

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